Friday April 12th, 2024
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Let Sparks Fly This V-Day at These Romantic Hotel Experiences in Dubai

Whether you’re looking to celebrate your 20th Valentine’s together or wanting to apologize for forgetting the eggs, these romantic hotel experiences will help you get the magic back.

Layan Adham Ismail

Let Sparks Fly This V-Day at These Romantic Hotel Experiences in Dubai

Can you smell that? No? Take a good long whiff. It’s the familiar and instantly recognizable scent of strawberry-covered chocolates and bubbling champagne, indicating that love is, in fact, in the air.

As the official day of lovebirds rolls around the corner, couples old and new, stable and fresh out of a lovers’ spat, are looking for sigh-inducing and opulence-infused happenings to reignite the passion, mend the scars or, simply, spice up what would otherwise be a boring night in.

In service of all of those mentioned above, we have decided to put our journalistic sleuthing skills to amorous use and virtually round up the most lavish and romantic hotel experiences you can whisk your partner off to this Valentine’s Day.

Atlantis, The Palm

AWAKEN Couples Massage and Afternoon High Tea at Plato’s

Ah, a posh romantic affair featuring delectable mini-delights and steaming hot tea. Say no more. Oh, wait. Couples also receive a one-hour massage made to strengthen their connection and relieve all those ‘I can’t believe you left the toilet seat up again’ knots? Say a lot more!

This Valentine’s Day, don your most obnoxiously feathered hat and insanely bad British accent, then head to Plato’s at Atlantis, The Palm for an afternoon high tea affair that will leave you feeling replete, relaxed and as regal as the greatest couple of all time–Charlotte and George (from Downton Abbey, not actual history).

But the royal fantasy doesn’t stop there. At AWAKEN Spa, you and your beau can indulge in an hour-long couples massage, which, if it doesn’t succeed in relaxing you, will at least fix that one knot in your lower back that’s been bothering you for five years.

Price: AED 1,380


Th8 Palm Dubai Beach Resort, Vignette Collection

Intimate Beachside Dinner With Live Entertainment at Fluid Beach Club

With breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline and live entertainment to serenade you as you indulge in a five-course gastronomic feast, you and your chosen plus one can finally get some privacy from all those pesky neighbors and those dogs that won’t stop barking, and enjoy a private intimate dinner setting for two.

Munch on langoustine and scallop risotto, gnocchetti di ricotta and filetto di manzo, then top it all off with their ‘There Is Always Love’ dessert, featuring a raspberry cremux, chocolate cake, rhubarb jelly, and a valrhona fraise chocolate heart with whipped ganache.

Price: AED 399 - AED 1,199

Booking: Call 04 525 8896 or email

Palazzo Versace Dubai

Ruby Valentine Dining Experience by the Central Pool

There are plenty of fish in the sea. But only one that’ll join you at Palazzo Versace Dubai’s exclusive intimate dinner by the pool.

How exclusive, you ask? Only ten amorous couples will be able to indulge in this four-course culinary journey, bursting with Ruby Chocolate’s bold berry flavor, which will serve as the base for the night’s dishes.

You won’t leave empty handed either because a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some more delicious treats will accompany you, your partner, and your chocolate-filled bellies home.

Price: AED 2,500

Booking: Call 04 556 8820

Atlantis, The Royal

Dinner In The Clouds Three-Course Menu and Cabana Experience

You know what’s better than a gourmet meal? A three-course gourmet meal in a private cabana with panoramic views of the Palm and a side of Dom Pérignon.

At Cloud 22, right by the iconic sky pool, loved-up hand-holders can dreamily close their eyes, as they savor delectable Italian dishes, served up with a side of champagne. A lot of champagne.

Time: 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Price: AED 15,000


Banyan Tree

Five-Course Dinner in Poolside Cabana at Alizée

I know, I know. Another private poolside cabana?

But hear me out for a second. What makes this specific cabana special is the fact that its courses come in fives, and its booze comes in the form of Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé.

You’ll even have diverse options for grape pairings, and, as a special extra treat, Alizée will present you with a Valentine’s Day gift that’ll surely make the night one that’s difficult to forget. I mean, you’ll be leaving with a tangible souvenir, after all.

Time: 6:30 PM onwards

Price: AED 4,900 upwards

Booking: Call 04 556 6666 or email

Address Beach Resort

Floating Hearts Breakfast or Lunch with a Private Cabana

Breakfast in bed is now a relic of the romantic past; the newest way to profess your undying love and loyalty is by having breakfast in the middle of a sprawling outdoor pool.

At Address Beach Resort, sweethearts can float around the world’s highest outdoor infinity pool, a staggering 77 floors above the ground, while they munch on epicurean concoctions specially crafted for Valentine’s Day.

Once they’ve soaked up all the sun and basked in the picturesque views of the Arabian Gulf and Ain Dubai, couples can then leisurely stroll down winding pathways towards their private cabanas with their overfilled glasses of bubbly in hand.

Time: 9 AM - 5 PM 

Price: AED 1,777

Booking: Call 04 879 8866 or email

Four Seasons DIFC

An Afternoon of Love: Tea at Penrose Lounge

Yes, this is yet another elegant afternoon tea experience because afternoon tea is the epitome of sophistication, refinement, and also, it comes with cute tiny treats! And at Four Seasons DIFC, those tiny bites of sweet (and savory) heaven are crafted by Pastry Chef Gianmarco Stifani

As you sip on your perfectly sweetened English Breakfast Tea, infused with a hint of cinnamon and a spoonful of honey – the only way to drink tea – you can gaze into your partner's eyes, slowly lean in close and whisper, “Put the tea down. I want something with some edge.”

And the cheerful serving staff will be more than happy to present you with two bubbling glasses of the finest champagne.

Price: AED 325 - AED 490


Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach 

Cupid’s Delight: A Pastry Date at Shai Salon

You know who’d appreciate this one even more than your paramour? Your ever-aching sweet tooth.

The aptly-named Cupid’s Delight, a culinary masterpiece by the luxury hotel’s Senior Executive Pastry Chef Nicolas Lambert, is the culinary star of the Valentine’s Day special, featuring a layer of crunchy pistachio, a creamy mousse made with locally sourced strawberries, a yuzu crémeux and a melt-in-your-mouth pistachio biscuit.

After you’ve had your cake (and eaten it, too), you can then wash it all down with two glasses of Ruinart Rosé champagne.

Price: AED 180 - AED 600



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