Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Oman's Seaside City of Sur Named Arab Tourism Capital for 2024

As one of Oman’s most picturesque seaside towns, Sur offers a glimpse into the Sultanate’s storied maritime past.

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Oman's Seaside City of Sur Named Arab Tourism Capital for 2024

Stretching along Oman's breathtaking Eastern Coast, the seaside city of Sur – a hidden gem adorned with rich historical sites and breathtaking natural landscapes – has been named ‘The Arab Tourism Capital’ for 2024 by The Arab Tourism Organization.

Located in the South Sharqiya Governorate, just 337 kilometers from Muscat, Sur is steeped in maritime history, serving as a pivotal center for trade and shipbuilding since antiquity. To this day, the city remains home to one of the oldest traditional shipyards in the region, where intricate models of Omani ships stand testament to centuries of craftsmanship and the nation’s seafaring roots.

However, the allure of Sur extends beyond its maritime legacy. It is a cradle of ancient civilizations, dotted with archaeological marvels dating back to the third millennium BC. Visitors can explore Al-Rasfa Castle, Al-Ayjah Fort, and Ras Al-Hadd Fort, each offering glimpses into Oman's storied past.

For nature enthusiasts, Sur presents a vast selection of diverse (and Instagramable) landscapes. From towering mountains and lush valleys, which surround the entire city, to The Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve, a sea turtle sanctuary established in 1996, Sur is the perfect summer destination, for those looking for somewhere sunny to lounge, somewhere crystal clear to swim or even somewhere tall enough to hike.


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