Saturday April 20th, 2024
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Remal El Gouna Glamp: The Red Sea’s First Luxury Camping Experience

An eco-camping hotel that places equal focus on luxury and authenticity, Remal El Gouna Glamp will be welcoming visitors this August.

Layan Adham Ismail

Remal El Gouna Glamp: The Red Sea’s First Luxury Camping Experience

As we collectively barrel towards the era of ecocentric educational travel and sustainability-driven tourism, both of which are currently taking centre stage across the globe, an increasing number of hospitality and entertainment ventures are finally embracing a more environmentally conscious approach. Blending modern opulence with nature-centred pastimes, the soon-to-open Remal El Gouna Glamp - the first luxury camping experience in the Red Sea - is set to offer travellers a multi-faceted stay, catering to couples, families and adventure-seekers alike.

Slated to open its gates in August 2024, just in time for the conclusion of the humid summer months and the commencement of the breezy fall season, the eco-camping hotel is conveniently located in El Gouna, the fully-integrated town by Orascom Development and the ideal “camping ground” for Remal El Gouna Glamp.

Overlooking the mesmerising azure sea, Remal El Gouna Glamp’s panoramic views and natural surroundings render it a prime location for destination weddings, first-class corporate get-togethers and rejuvenating wellness retreats.

With a diverse selection of glamping activities that are sure to appeal to both ends of the adventure spectrum, this new El Gouna project has something on offer for those travelling for leisure, as well as those seeking adrenaline-infused undertakings. In addition to the lavish in-room facilities, including skylights suitable for late-night stargazing, private jacuzzis and secluded BBQ areas, Remal El Gouna Glamp also boasts all-around eco-friendly architecture and interior design, utilising raw materials such as rich-coloured wood, smooth stone and even recycled paper.

By also focusing intently on air quality – including temperature, climate control, ventilation and air circulation – during the conceptualisation of the project, El Gouna has clearly set out to ensure that Remal El Gouna Glamp never loses sight of its core goal: exposing visitors to the pristine enveloping nature, while also aiding in its conservation.


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