Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Misr Italia Properties Launches ‘A Message of Hope’ Initiative to Fight Corona

The real estate giant, Misr Italia, has stepped up its continuing support of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with a sweeping new initiative.

CairoScene Team

Misr Italia Properties Launches ‘A Message of Hope’ Initiative to Fight Corona

Over the past five months or so, the fight against the Coronavirus has seen Egyptians from all walks of life do their part – whether that be handing out medical masks, volunteering to help the elderly or simply spreading the word of responsibility. The fight has also been aided by companies and corporations, none more so than Misr Italia Properties (MIP).

Beyond helping their own residents live as safe a life as possible during the lockdown, MIP has looked beyond for its latest initiative, ‘A Message of Hope’.

The initiative aims to support and highlight the many bodies and institutions that have gone above and beyond for the cause through a sweeping donation that targets four specific areas; providing the medical sector with the needed equipment; supporting nursing homes with their essentials; providing orphans with gifts and new clothes during Eid and supporting wageworkers and daily income workers whose earning potential has been affected by the pandemic.

It’s an ambitious initiative, yes, but one that goes even deeper. Misr Italia Properties has donated 10 ICU monitors to the Abbassia Fever Hospital. Supporting nursing homes is one particularly important element of the initiative and rightly so – these are, after all, home to some of communities’ most at-risk members. As such, ‘A Message of Hope’ is equipping nursing homes with all the necessary disinfection and sterilisation materials, hosting a special awareness session in partnership with the Egyptian Red Crescent and even conducting check-ups for both residents and caregivers. In addition, the initiative is set to cover medications and treatments needed for two months.

“We must fulfil our social responsibility and our role which not only involves real estate development, but also includes preserving the wellbeing of our society especially now to overcome this critical stage,” Mohamed Hany El-Assal, CEO and Managing Director of MIP, said about ‘A Message of Hope’, “which also extended to MIP’s communities and staff.”

The activities included ‘Box of Hope’, which saw the company’s employees, La Nuova Vista community and the company’s administration make their own contributions. During Ramadan, a time when those in need require even more support, 1,700 food boxes were handed out to families affected by unstable employment in the Marsa Matrouh governorate. Building on that, MIP then launched ‘GIfts of Hope’ in a similar spirit, providing orphans with new Eid clothes and toys in cooperation with the Egyptian Clothes Bank.

“Our employees wanted to show gratitude to the wageworkers for the daily risks they face in their work by taking part in the ‘Box of Hope’ which contains different food essentials,” El-Assal added.

The whole initiative is an extension of MIP’s quick response to the pandemic, which started in their own communities. The real estate giant was prompt in taking maximum precautionary measures as recommended by the World Health Organization’s guidelines and standards. When all this will be over is anyone’s guess; but this is another huge step in the right direction of the collective efforts of the country.


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