Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Art Collection of Dr. Mohammed Saïd Farsi to Go On Auction in London

The collection features works by Egyptian surrealists Adham and Seif Wanly, as well as works by Mahmoud Saïd amongst others.

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Art Collection of Dr. Mohammed Saïd Farsi to Go On Auction in London

Dr. Mohammed Saïd Farsi, former Mayor of Jeddah and a central figure in shaping modern Saudi Arabia, is making waves in the art world with his remarkable collection hitting the auction block on June 12th. Over the past two decades, Dr. Farsi's collection has graced landmark auctions, contributing millions in sales of Middle Eastern and Western art.

This collection, touted as the greatest assembly of modern Egyptian art in private hands, is poised to take centre stage at Sloane Street Auctions in London. Featuring 48 lots from renowned Egyptian surrealist artists Adham Wanly and Seif Wanly, alongside works by Mahmoud Saïd, Abdel al-Hadi El-Gazzar and Mohamed Nagy, the auction promises a captivating blend of Eastern and Western artistic flair.

Dr. Farsi's vision extends beyond collecting, having played a pivotal role in redefining urban landscapes, notably in Jeddah, where he adorned the city with over 400 sculptures. His eclectic collection mirrors his expansive interests, spanning from early Islamic artefacts to contemporary street art.

“Dr Farsi’s collection must have the most widespread appeal for collectors with its extraordinarily eclectic offering,” Daniel Hunt of Sloane Street Auctions shared with CairoScene. “His impeccable taste and astute eye, coupled with his standing as a leading figure in modern Arabia make this catalogue of treasures a must for serious collectors in both East and West.”

Among the highlights are atmospheric landscapes by Mahmoud Saïd, enigmatic portraits by El-Gazzar, and rural scenes by Mohamed Nagy. Adham and Seif Wanly's works captivate with their expressive drawings and brooding oil paintings.

Western masterpieces also make an appearance, including a commanding bronze sculpture by Henry Moore and a vibrant lithograph by David Hockney from his iconic swimming pool series. Noteworthy decorative pieces, such as a silver and gilt Ka’ba panel and a Seljuk engraved coffer, add to the allure of the collection.


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