Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Dorra & Hany Salama Will Co-Star in New Series ‘El Zanb’

The series is set to release in January of 2024 on streaming platform, Shahid.

Nouran Saleh

A new series entitled 'El Zanb,' starring Dorra and Hany Salama, is scheduled to be released on Shahid in January 2024.

'El Zanb' is a psychological drama consisting of ten episodes, with Salama playing the role of a therapist. The series is directed by Reda Abdelrazek and features a talented cast, including Maged El Masry, Mohammad Al Qass, and Tarek El Nahry.

This collaboration marks the fourth project in which Dorra and Hany Salama have worked together, having previously teamed up for 'Elawela Fel Gharam' (2007), 'Naseeby We Esmetak' (2016), and 'Bayn Al Samaa Wa Al Ard' (2021).


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