Thursday May 30th, 2024
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Hayy Jameel Gallery Hosts Two Exhibitions in Jeddah Starting May 8th

Running until October 7th, 2024, the exhibitions showcase work by Saudi and Palestinian artists.

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Hayy Jameel Gallery Hosts Two Exhibitions in Jeddah Starting May 8th

Jeddah’s Hayy Jameel Gallery has announced its spring schedule, set to host two exhibitions starting May 8th, including ‘Salt-Kissed: Of Vessels That Have Sailed the Red Sea’, curated by Palestinian curators Ahmad Al Aqra and Abdulrahman Shabana. In addition, Saudi solo artist Ahaad Al Amoudi’s ‘Moving Mountains’ exhibition will also be on display for the gallery’s spring season.

Having won Art Jameel’s Curatorial Open Call, Palestinian curators Ahmed Al Aqra and Abdulrahman Shabana tell the story of vessels that have traversed the Red Sea across history and folklore, combining archival material and contemporary artwork. ‘Salt-Kissed’ chronicles the life of the sea over time, from ancient and modern trade routes and colonial legacies, to the life of coastal societies and traditional crafts.

‘Moving Mountains’, Al Amoudi’s first institutional solo exhibition, explores Saudi Arabia’s rapidly changing social and cultural fabric, combining new pieces with existing artworks to tell the story of monumental projects within the Kingdom. The works are a continuation of Al Amoudi’s playfulness with clichés, visual tropes, and traditional perceptions of her country, addressing history, ethnography and representation.

Both of these exhibitions will launch on May 8th, running throughout Spring and Summer at Hayy Jameel Gallery until October 7th 2024.


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