Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Saudi Culture Takes Centre Stage at Italy’s Fiera Milano Exhibition

The Milano-based exhibit takes visitors on a journey through Saudi handicrafts, culture and traditional culinary delicacies.

Farah Desouky

In a captivating celebration of culture, Saudi Arabia takes centre stage at the Artigiano in Fiera exhibition in Milan, Italy, running from December 2nd to 10th. Orchestrated by the Ministry of Culture, the Saudi pavilion promises a journey through the diverse facets of the nation's heritage.

Under the auspices of the Saudi Heritage Commission, the Culinary Arts Commission, the Theater and Performing Arts Commission, the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts, and the Saudi Handicrafts Company, the pavilion brings a piece of Saudi to a global audience, transcending borders and cultural barriers.

Select verses, translated into Italian, adorn the entrance, creating a poetic bridge between two rich traditions and the intricate relationship between Arabic poetry and Italian culture. The Heritage Commission showcases the ingenuity of 25 artisans, celebrating the kingdom’s enduring traditional handicrafts.

Twelve students from the Saudi Company for Crafts and Handicrafts are also participating, alongside twelve chefs conducting live cooking demonstrations, providing a taste of popular Saudi delicacies and bringing a flavorful dimension to the event. The Theater and Performing Arts Commission further enriches the spectacle with shows featuring thirteen traditional performing arts, introducing a vibrant live element to the exhibition.


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