Monday July 22nd, 2024
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TeamLab Borderless Jeddah Opens to the Public

The interactive museum based in Al Balad, Jeddah opened on 10 June.

Raïs Saleh

TeamLab Borderless Jeddah Opens to the Public

Aiming to break boundaries and foster creativity in a borderless world of art, the highly anticipated teamLab Borderless Jeddah digital art museum is now open to the public. Situated in Al Balad’s Culture Square, this groundbreaking museum offers an immersive experience unlike any other.

Visitors can explore over 80 interactive artworks spread across various exhibitions, including the Borderless World, Athletics Forest, Future Park, and Forest of Lamps.

Some of the interactive exhibitions are as follows:

Athletics Forest: Engage in a physically challenging adventure as you navigate through a three-dimensional space filled with interactive art. Test your spatial awareness and agility as you swing on horizontal bars suspended in mid-air, jump on rapidly rotating bouncing spheres, and explore soft terrains that change with the seasons.

Borderless World: Immerse yourself in a continuous world without boundaries, where 81 unique artworks seamlessly blend together. Experience the mesmerizing "Persistence of Life in the Sandfall" and the awe-inspiring "Universe of Fire Particles" as you build connections with others and explore the infinite possibilities of life.

Future Park: Embark on an educational journey of creativity and collaboration in this experimental space. Work together with fellow visitors to create different setups and unleash your imagination in activities like Building Block City and Sketch Ocean.

Forest of Lamps: Step into a magical forest illuminated by countless hanging lamps, creating a dreamlike ambiance that transports you to another realm. Lose yourself in the ethereal glow as you wander through this enchanting landscape.

Tickets are available starting from SAR50, with options for single, family/group, and VIP passes. Open daily from 1pm to 11pm (Sat-Wed) and 3pm to 2am (Thu-Fri), it's a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and families alike.


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