Monday March 4th, 2024
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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Refutes Israeli Claims on Rafah Crossing

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry rejected Israeli claims at ICJ, shifting Gaza aid responsibility to Egypt.

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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Refutes Israeli Claims on Rafah Crossing

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared that the Rafah crossing has remained open throughout the Gaza crisis, rejecting the Israeli defence team's claims at the International Court of Justice, placing responsibility for Gaza aid on Egypt.

The spokesperson, Ahmed Abu-Zeid, emphasised Egypt's ongoing efforts to facilitate the entry of substantial humanitarian aid into Gaza. Abu-Zeid pointed out that Israeli measures, such as stringent inspections, have caused delays and obstructed the entry of medical assistance, journalists, and official personnel. 

"We must all have confidence in the measures undertaken by the Egyptian government to support the Palestinian people, enabling them to regain their freedom and achieve their dream of a secure life in the Gaza Strip," stated Abu-Zeid on the TV show ‘My Responsibility’, hosted by Ahmed Moussa. 

Abu-Zeid also highlighted US Senator Chris Van Hollen's criticism of Israel's inspection process during a recent visit to Egypt. He urged confidence in Egypt's measures to support the Palestinian people and reaffirmed that the Rafah crossing hasn’t been closed at any point during the crisis, accusing Israel of hindering aid entry with obstructive procedures and baseless justifications. On November 14th, Abu Zeid made similar statements, asserting that “the party hindering the entry of aid into the Gaza Strip is the Israeli side.”


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