Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Giza Zoo & Orman Garden Will Be Developed With EGP 832 Million

This is the largest loan ever granted for an entertainment project in Egypt.

Cairo Scene

In a landmark deal, Hadayek Company, which manages zoos and entertainment facilities,  has secured EGP 832 million in financing from the National Bank of Egypt and the China Development Bank. The funds will be utilised to revamp and enhance the renowned Giza Zoo and Orman Garden, making it the largest loan ever granted for an entertainment project in Egypt.

The Giza Zoo, established in 1891, holds the distinction of being the largest zoo in Egypt and the Middle East. Spanning approximately 80 acres on the west bank of the Nile River, the zoo boasts water tables, caves, waterfalls, wooden bridges, and lakes for various bird species. Its museum, constructed in 1906, once housed a remarkable collection of rare animals, birds, and stuffed reptiles.

The zoo attracts an estimated two million visitors annually. The Giza Zoo and Orman Garden development project seeks to expand the number of animal species on display from 71 to 186, while also increasing the visitor areas from three to 14. Additionally, the project aims to introduce interactive displays to engage visitors beyond mere observation of animals. Educational centres will be established to educate children, incorporating entertainment elements. Furthermore, the project includes the expansion of service facilities, sales areas, and security centres.


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