Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Guidelines Established for Filming Funerals in Places of Worship

This ongoing dispute regarding media coverage at funerals has lasted over a month, with an agreement finally being reached.

Cairo Scene

Guidelines Established for Filming Funerals in Places of Worship

Following a month-long dispute between the Ministry of Awqaf and the Journalists Syndicate over media coverage at funerals, both parties have come to a mutual agreement on a set of official guidelines.

In a statement regarding the filming of funerals, the Minister of Awqaf announced that a meeting took place at the headquarters of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Cairo. The meeting was attended by Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa, Minister of Awqaf; journalist Karam Gabr, head of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation; Engineer Abdel Sadeq Al-Shorbaji, head of the National Press Authority; journalist Khaled Al-Balshi, head of the Journalists Syndicate; and Dr. Tariq Saada, head of the Media Syndicate.

The attendees agreed on guidelines to regulate media coverage within places of worship, emphasizing that the goal is not to restrict media but to respect the sanctity of worship places and the solemnity of death, in line with professional and media codes that safeguard these values.


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