Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Ministry of Education Launches New Edutainment App ‘Five Seconds’

The app explores different social issues faced by school students with an interactive web series by filmmaker Sandra Nashaat, aiming to change their mindsets without explicit lecturing.

Cairo Scene

The Ministry of Education has recently launched a new edutainment app, ‘Five Seconds’, featuring an interactive web series that depicts the daily struggles of Egyptian school children.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Sandra Nashaat, the web series, ‘F El Madrasa’, weaves moral and social issues into captivating stories, allowing viewers to make different choices to alter the plot. Using fiction as a window to reality, each episode highlights a different issue, from bullying to body image.

Through its interactive nature, ‘Five Seconds’ aims to allow a younger generation to immerse themselves in each situation and explore its various consequences without explicit lecturing.

The application was inaugurated at the Cairo International Technology Exhibition 2023 with an episode from the series titled ‘Friday’.


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