Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Saudi Cabinet Approves Academic Calendar Framework for Next Five Years

The new calendar will comprise a three-term school year with an eight-week summer holiday.

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Saudi Cabinet Approves Academic Calendar Framework for Next Five Years

The Saudi Cabinet has greenlit the academic calendar framework for public education, higher education, and vocational training for the next five years. This decision aims to provide a structured roadmap for educational institutions across the Kingdom.

Simultaneously, the Ministry of Education has released the academic calendar for the upcoming academic year, maintaining the three-term school year system in public education. The calendar outlines specific start and end dates for each term, ensuring a minimum of 180 instructional days per year.

For the academic year starting in 2024, summer vacation will span eight weeks, with the first term commencing on August 18th, 2024, followed by the second term on November 17th, 2024, and the third term on March 2nd, 2025, concluding on June 26th, 2025.

The calendar includes various breaks such as National Day, autumn break, mid-year break, winter break, and Eid holidays, aimed at providing students and educators with structured periods for rest and celebration throughout the academic year.

Guidelines for the academic calendar empower universities, technical institutions, and private schools to develop their own schedules within the approved framework, ensuring coherence in the educational process across different sectors.


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