Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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School & University Students Can Buy Train Tickets for Up to 98% Off

The initiative by the Egyptian National Railway Authority aims to provide affordable transportation options for students.

Cairo Scene

The Egyptian National Railway Authority (NRA) has introduced discounted train fares for school and university students across Egypt. The discounts range from 98% on Tahya Misr trains, 97% on dynamic ventilation trains and 90% on third-class air-conditioned trains.

With the 2023/2024 academic year already underway in 27 Egyptian governorates, this move aims to provide affordable transportation options for students to help them access educational institutions throughout the country, regardless of their social background.

Here are the key conditions the students have to keep in mind to attain the discounts:

  • Subscriptions are determined based on the distance between the departure and arrival stations, with a maximum limit of 400 km.
  • Student subscriptions are strictly intended for personal use and cannot be shared with others.
  • The subscriptions remain valid for nine months. The cost of the subscription is calculated based on the distance between the student's residence (as recorded on their national ID card) and the nearest station to their educational institution (as recorded in the subscription application).
  • In the scenario where a student's program exceeds the initial nine-month period, an additional subscription may be granted for a maximum of three months. However, this extension is contingent on the practical training period.
  • Students who have purchased third-class air-conditioned tickets are allowed to travel on lower-class trains, namely dynamic ventilation and Tahya Misr, without incurring any extra charges or being assigned specific seats.
  • For those who prefer to reserve a seat on dynamic ventilation trains, a reservation fee of EGP 5 must be paid at the ticket office. Students are permitted to take a maximum of two trips per day. Failure to pay the reservation fee will result in the student being considered a passenger without a valid ticket, and they will be subject to appropriate fares and fines ranging from EGP 30 to EGP 70, depending on the train.
  • To subscribe to these discounted fares, students must purchase a subscription application form worth EGP 5 from the ticket windows at their nearest train station. The form must be filled out, approved by the student's educational institution, officially stamped, and then delivered to the subscription offices at the station. Additionally, students need to include two personal photos and a copy of their national ID card.

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