Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Taking the Leap: Cairo's First Outdoor Parkour Park Calls Us to Action

Found at Cairo Stadium, Nest Egypt Academy also offers classes in martial arts, kickboxing and MMA.

Raïs Saleh

The cacophony of hands and feet colliding with metal and concrete is perhaps a sound unfamiliar to most Cairenes, but for the Egyptian Parkour community, that’s just a regular day at the park. Eagle Nest Egypt Academy at Cairo Stadium has established the country's premiere parkour park, providing a space for athletes of all skills to jump, vault and soar.

Whether they’re newbies or experienced daredevils, students can now trace new paths through an eclectic obstacle landscape designed for adrenaline seekers treating the park’s fixtures like their own personal jungle gym. But for those looking to push past their limits on both mind and body, Eagle Nest offers more than freerunning possibilities. Trainees can boost their agility through martial arts classes, ply their power with kickboxing and MMA sessions or condition their core through callisthenics and taekwondo.


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