Sunday April 14th, 2024
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These Saudi Restaurants Made It to MENA's Top 50 List for 2024

Three of Saudi’s best restaurants - Marble, Lunch Room and Kuuru - have made it on this list by The List.

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These Saudi Restaurants Made It to MENA's Top 50 List for 2024

Every year, the most pristine chefs in the MENA region await their version of gifts under the Christmas tree - only it’s February and the gifts are their rankings on the 50 Best Restaurants in MENA list by The List. This year, three of Saudi Arabia’s best restaurants were finalists. 

MARBLE | #22 Best Restaurant MENA

Al Olaya, Riyadh

The farm-to-table grill everyone has been raving about has, to no one’s surprise, made it onto the list thanks to the spot’s quality meats and premium cuts, which - under the guidance of skilled culinary artisans - are made all the more delicious. 

LUNCH ROOM | #40 Best Restaurant MENA

Al Muhammadiyah, Riyadh

We know the Lunch Room works hard because in the brief time it is open every day, from 7 AM to 2 PM, it has managed to sway countless visitors with its sumptuous clay-oven-baked flatbread and its nourishing turmeric-infused golden milk. 

KUURU | | #50 Best Restaurant MENA

Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah

Characterised by its sensorily tantalising utensils and stunning interiors, Japanese cuisine spot Kuuru has long been a favourite. Beyond its culinary elegance, the immersiveness of Kuuru’s dining experience is enough to take visitors on experiential journeys.


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