Monday March 4th, 2024
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World's Longest Cantilever Opens Over Six-Lane Highway in Dubai

Hanging 100m over a six lane-highway, One Za’abeel hosts the world’s longest suspended infinity pool - the longest on any Dubai rooftop.

Patrick Davies

World's Longest Cantilever Opens Over Six-Lane Highway in Dubai

The world’s longest cantilever has been completed in Dubai as part of the One Za’abeel development, suspended 100m above a six-lane highway.

The 67.5m cantilever soars across the sky, connecting two skyscrapers with the world’s longest suspended infinity pool atop the beam of glass and metal. The full horizontal section, named The Link, is impressive in its own right at 230m long, only five metres shorter than one of the vertical towers to which it is attached.

The whole One Za’abeel development is a luxury mixed-use building made up of apartments, hotels, offices, restaurants and retail outlets, with The Link acting as a four-storey bridge between the two towers. These three elements add up to a glistening glass gateway to the city centre. With the shorter tower at 235m metres and the other reaching its 305m figure into the sky, it cements its place in the ‘supertall’ category of buildings taller than 300m.

The record for longest cantilever previously belonged to Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, but One Za’abeel has pipped it to the post with an extra metre of length, adding another iconic silhouette to the increasingly busy and monovisual Dubai skyscape. Beyond hotels and apartments in the main tower, The Link itself contains three storeys of bars and restaurants, with no columns to interrupt lines of sight thanks to its external diagrid structure. For the braver souls, the furthest end of the cantilever even has a glass floor looking directly down to the road below.


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