Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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A Taste of Home at Mama Noura’s Authentic Kuwaiti Eatery

Some heroes wear capes, others are niqab-clad Kuwaiti women supplying whitewashed millennials with the middle eastern cuisine of their dreams.

Layla Raik

Adulthood is hard. Laundry never ends, we can’t seem to get on our bawab’s good side and, to make matters worse, the big 30s are looming ahead and we have no clue how to roll mahshi. Here to teach us through taste (or help us avoid responsibility), Mama Noura is a Kuwaiti cuisine cloud service making sure our gathering game is off the charts without us lifting a finger.

Reminiscent of the Tupperware everyone’s mum packed them back in the glory (university) days before we feigned independence, Mama Noura packs the Golden Arabian age in little disposable boxes that don’t even require dish-washing after. The eatery creates everything from stuffed vine leaves and musakhan chicken to cult classic cold salads.

For a full-fledged feast from the comfort of your skimpy ‘Art Deco’ dining table, you can indulge in the traditional lamb machboos (or chicken if you’re more of a picky eater), the shrimp-based murabyan or even a simple minced-meat-infused house casserole. Conveniently, the eatery also has an array of gathering trays – biryani, maglouba and more - you can order without any hunger-induced stutters.

If, a host’s worst fear, your friends have made it through the first 13 courses of Kuwaiti delicacies without falling off their chairs, you have no choice but to bring out the final line of defence - dessert. Mama Noura’s cream kunafa, traditional milk cake and adorable luqaimat are sure to induce everyone’s food coma.


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