Sunday May 26th, 2024
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Cairo Marriott Hotel is Spicing Up Our Valentine’s Plans

Because who needs flowers when we all know the real star of the show is Teppanyaki?

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Cairo Marriott Hotel is Spicing Up Our Valentine’s Plans

The season of love is fast approaching, and for those amongst us who aren’t spending their nights flooding their pillows as ‘Apocalypse’ plays on repeat, it means one thing: there are plans to be made, romantic gestures to be thought of, and gifts to be secured. And if that sounds like more than one thing that’s because love is always more than you bargained for.

So you see, it all might be a bit overwhelming, but that’s where the Cairo Marriott Hotel is stepping in, pampering our ever-yearning hearts with plenty of choices as to how best spend the romance-honouring evening. And if there’s anything that lasts longer than roses and triggers the endorphins more than gift boxes, it’s an unforgettable dining experience, and those simply happen to be Cairo Marriott Hotel’s specialty.

Whether savouring sliders at Harry’s, mentally swaying to the tunes of a live guitar show at the Saraya Gallery, or sharing a heart-shaped dessert at The Bakery, Cairo Marriott Hotel vows to spice up our evenings this Valentine’s Day (with some literal spices even), so keep scrolling through to find your (culinary) love for the 14th.

To reserve your dinner, contact +202 27394631. And if perhaps a 90 minutes couple massage sounds like the perfect prelude to your dinner, contact +202 27283000.


Serving a set menu of its signature Japanese delicacies, Torii at The Cairo Marriott Hotel will be kicking off the starlit night with a hot & sour tom yum chicken soup just to turn the heat up a notch, following it with your choice of tuna-flavoured appetisers, a teppanyaki-style main course (with the show, of course), and ending the evening with a delicate raspberry mousse.

The set menu is priced at EGP 1,600 per couple (subject to service charges and taxes.)

Saraya Gallery

A royal French experience indeed, Cairo Marriott Hotel’s Saraya Gallery simply envelopes those who step inside into an aura of utmost luxury. Serving international cuisine with a francaise twist, the first notes of the night will flow from a live guitar show, followed by a medley of cream asparagus soup, smoked salmon balik with avocado timbale, your choice of a seafood platter or a crusted lamb rock, and finished off by the cool, smooth texture of Saraya’s signature raspberry chocolate lover.
The set menu is priced at EGP 2,500 per person (subject to service charges and taxes.)

Ristorante Tuscany

It is known that Italians make good lovers, but it is perhaps a fact comparatively less known that Italian food is, in itself, love. With light guitar melodies and pure love in the air, the Ristorante Tuscany is as romantic as it gets. With shrimp tartare, seared scallops, and the aptly named ‘Love Me Forever’ baked salmon fillet on the table, it would be safe to say that declarations of love will be made. To whom? That’s up to you to find out.

The set menu is priced at EGP 1,800 per person (subject to service charges and taxes.)

Harry’s Pub

This one is for the lovebirds who just cannot be bound to dining tables. With a live band, lit up dance floor, and bites just meant to be shared (or gently placed in one another’s mouths), a Valentine’s date at Harry’s Pub is one sure to be remembered.
A night at Harry’s Pub is priced at EGP 1,350 per person (subject to service charges and taxes.)


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