Tuesday March 5th, 2024
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Where to Find the Best Caesar Salad in Cairo - A SceneEats Guide

Skipped your work lunch on a Tuesday? These Caesar salad spots have got you covered.

Layla Raik

Where to Find the Best Caesar Salad in Cairo - A SceneEats Guide

The history of the Caesar salad is as ambiguous as the figure it was named after. While the salad's Roman roots had the final say in its development, its distinct flavour profile raises questions about potential Mexican influences, specifically from Tijuana, its birthplace. In fact, it might also carry a taste of California, as that was where the Italian creator, Caesar Cardini, resided before fleeing to avoid prohibition.

Putting the complex backstory aside, in our modern era, we simply love the Caesar salad for what it is - no questions asked. When done right, the dish serves as a refreshing break amid stagnant days, offering a delightful combination of carbs and essential protein, accompanied by a substantial serving of fibre. It serves as a reminder that perhaps eating healthy can be enjoyable. To reignite your hopes in your 2024 resolutions, we scoured for the very best spots to get a Caesar salad in Cairo. 


Branches all over Cairo

Home to delicious European cuisine and the spirit of every after school Thursday hangout, Ovio has become a dependable dining spot whenever you’re craving – well, anything. Their Caesar salad is just the tip of the iceberg (lettuce). 


Branches all over Cairo

We’re not sure exactly what it is that makes steakhouses well-equipped in making gobsmacking Caesar salads, but frankly, Sizzler’s is too good for us to even care.


Branches all over Egypt

Trés Bon’s speciality lies in lunches (sometimes Sex & the City resemblant brunches) that fill you to the brim and yet somehow leave space for all the tea being spilled over the course of a two-hour meal. Their Caesar salad is on par with what Samantha Jones would want in her all-organic diet.


Branches all over Cairo

At Qahwa, you can enjoy a refreshing Caesar salad - rich in sauce, generously loaded with chicken, with a side of Turkish coffee in favour of the usual cappuccino.


Branches all over Egypt

The culinary quality of Gaby’s has one too many times shocked us in the most ordinary dishes. Their Caesar salad is simply another pleasant surprise.


Branches all over Cairo

Of course, the French had to get their hands on the Italian dish. In their defence, it is only fair to (reluctantly) admit just how good Paul’s Caesar salad is – the type to revive you after a very long week.


Branches all over Cairo

Out of the very many health houses that now populate Cairene streets, SELF has mastered the art of Caesar salads that balance between protein content and fibre – and they do it deliciously. Enjoy with a wellness shot or matcha smoothie for ultimate fun.


Branches all over Egypt

If the many all-day study sessions at Beano’s taught us anything at all, it is not that we should maybe start studying earlier, but that the spot makes one of the best Caesar salads you can find. And you can have hot chocolate after.


The Waterway, New Cairo

Masters at Italian from the wood-fired pie to the meticulous ravioli, it’s no wonder that Il Loft is one of the best spots for a traditional Italian Caesar salad.


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