Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Paris-Based Lina Ghotmeh Unveils Bahrain Pavilion Design for Expo 2025

Lebanese-French architect Lina Ghotmeh’s design honours Bahrain's maritime heritage at Expo Osaka 2025.

Rana Gabr

Paris-Based Lina Ghotmeh Unveils Bahrain Pavilion Design for Expo 2025

Paris-based studio Lina Ghotmeh Architecture unveils the design for Bahrain's National Pavilion at Expo Osaka 2025. Leading the interior design is Bahraini Shepherd Studio, guided by Lina Ghotmeh’s artistic direction, aiming to showcase Bahrain's rich cultural heritage.

Organised by the Bureau International des Expositions, Expo Osaka 2025 is the upcoming World Expo scheduled to be held in Osaka, Japan. Spanning six months from April 13th to October 13th, 2025, it is expected to attract over 28 million visitors from 150 countries. This pavilion marks Bahrain's fourth participation in a World Expo, following its appearances at Expo Shanghai 2010, Expo Milan 2015 and Expo Dubai 2020.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Bahraini dhow boats, Lebanese-French architect Lina Ghotmeh incorporates the country’s historical boat-building technologies to highlight Bahrain’s craftsmanship and manufacturing heritage. The pavilion also pays homage to the Expo's host nation, drawing parallels with Japanese wood artistry and celebrating the bilateral relationship between Bahrain and Japan.

The pavilion’s structure reinterprets heritage boat-building techniques, combining a wooden frame with an outer layer of aluminium. It is designed for easy disassembly and recycling after the Expo, while also integrating ancient cooling techniques to reduce reliance on mechanical cooling methods. This design adaptation meets contemporary needs and aims to lower environmental impact.

“In today’s rapidly evolving world, our efforts aim to establish Bahrain as a leader in innovation, creativity, and sustainability,” Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, President of the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities and General Commissioner of Bahrain’s National Pavilion at Expo Osaka 2025, tells SceneHome. “Our participation in the World Expo is crucial, providing a platform to demonstrate our diverse capabilities, rich cultural heritage, and innovative solutions to global challenges.”

Designed to align with Expo Osaka's overarching theme, 'Designing Future Society for Our Lives,' and its sub-themes - 'Saving Lives', 'Empowering Lives' and 'Connecting Lives' - the pavilion focuses on Bahrain’s strategic geographic location as a crossroads in the Gulf Region. This historical role as a major trade port has significantly enriched Bahrain’s cultural diversity, fostering innovation and creativity, highlighting its unique heritage in the global maritime world.


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