Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Artist Spotlight: Liliane Chlela - Choosing Imagination Over Genre

The innovative Lebanese artist talks to SceneNoise about her eclectic workflow, and her multidisciplinary creative projects.

Scene Noise

Artist Spotlight: Liliane Chlela - Choosing Imagination Over Genre

Renowned for her amorphous, constantly evolving sound, Beirut-born and Montreal-based producer, DJ and performer Liliane Chlela has been tinkering with sonics nearly all her life. Having started by rewiring guitar pedals in interesting ways at a young age, the artist went on to learn a wide variety of instruments, how to produce and command the turntable, and eventually fall in love with the art of improvisation through her collaborative projects such as ‘Hezbel Taleta’ and ’The DnB Project’. Chlela also released four self-produced albums, with her 2021 album ‘Safala’ standing as a conceptual journey through which she processes the revolution in Lebanon and the tragic 2020 Beirut explosion.

In this interview, we sat down with Chlela to talk about her field-recording-heavy workflow, the inspiration behind her album ‘Safala’, her upcoming projects which are set for release later this year, and her innovative hybrid DJ/performance sets that have put her on the international map in the world of electronic music.

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