Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Lebanese Artist Nur Jaber Sings an Ethereal Plea in 'Hurriyya'

In solidarity with Gaza, Lebanese DJ and producer Nur Jaber takes on a gentler beat with this devastatingly hopeful new single.

Scene Noise

Torn by the unbearable violence currently ensuing in Gaza, Lebanese music producer and DJ Nur Jaber portrays her desperation and frustration in her ethereal new single, ‘Hurriya’. Recently released on Nur Jaber’s social media, the song evokes elements of pain and despair coupled with an iridescent hope in a plea for freedom.

A diversion from her usual upbeat techno house, Hurriya is a smoother, more gentle track that simply emphasises Nur’s desire for man’s simplest right: freedom for all.

The track is not her first political release, as Jaber has previously exhibited a connection to her homeland and its devastating politics in her second album, ‘Beyond Borders’.


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