Saturday April 20th, 2024
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Rap of The Week | Feb 15-22

SceneNoise selects some of the best regional rap tracks of the week, including Slyver, Ahmad Santa and Nubi.

Scene Noise

Rap of The Week | Feb 15-22

This week witnessed a flood of rap releases across the MENA regions making it into our Rap of the Week playlist, from established names like Abyisif and Ahmed Santa to the unsung heroes of the underground such as 3liy and Whyvsef.

We witnessed a collaboration among three prominent rappers in the Egyptian scene with '3 Amigos', featuring Slyver, Abo El Anwar and Ahmed Santa. The trio exchange verses and punchlines over a down-tempo trap beat as they reflect on their ascension to the top of the game.

Next, Nubi drops the title track for his upcoming album, 'Gezerit El Feila'. Serving as the first of a series of singles set to release in the upcoming weeks, the track samples Mohammed Mounir, paying homage to his musical roots and cultural background against a mellow trap backdrop.

We then encounter Sudanese rapper ibobai with his track 'Zayli', serving as the intro to his latest album, 'Mashari3'. Flexing his rap muscles with well-crafted, hard-hitting bars and melodic flows, ibobai contemplates his Sudanese upbringing and inner thoughts.

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