Monday February 26th, 2024
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Superstar Mohamed Mounir Releases New Track ‘Ya Falastini’

El King releases a song a powerful song in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza

Nouran Saleh

Nubian superstar Mohamed Mounir has released a new song ‘Ya Falastini’ in solidarity with Palestinians in light of the ongoing attacks from the Israeli occupation on the Gaza strip. The song was created in collaboration between Mounir and the Homeland Defenders political party in support of Palestine.

‘Ya Falastini’ is composed by Khaled Sharif, featuring lyrics written by EssamAbdullah that shed a spotlight on the sacrifices Palestinians make everyday in defence of their homeland. Other songs by Mounir in support of the palestinian cause include ‘Atahada Layalik Ya Ghroub’, ‘Al-Quds’, and ‘Al-Amarah Al-Amarah’.


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