Monday June 24th, 2024
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WORD: Nour - ‘Wana’

By taking us through the production and songwriting behind ‘Wana’, Nour sheds some light on her latest single.

Zaid Kreshan

WORD: Nour - ‘Wana’

In this episode, rising synthpop artist Nour talks to us about her latest release ‘Wana’. Having co-produced the track, Nour also sheds some insight into how she landed on ‘Wana’s’ musical style, as the track mixes elements of drum & bass, with jazz inspired chord progressions and instrumentation.

Nour also makes a point to clarify that what she says in the video is her own personal interpretation, and that every listener is entitled to form their own understanding of the meaning behind the lyrics.

WORD is SceneNoise’s new series unpacking the lyrics of our favorite artists from across the MENA region. In each episode, we ask them to shed light on the meaning behind their most iconic verses, taking us behind the scenes of their writing process and between the lines of their penmanship.

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