Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Egypt’s Heka Makes Pharmaceutical Grade & Herbal Wellness Remedies

Tired of the tea tree? Try a little drop of Heka instead.

Farida El Shafie

Egypt’s Heka Makes Pharmaceutical Grade & Herbal Wellness Remedies

This one is for the brave soldiers who’ve endured months of sensitised skin, expert ‘auntie-recommended’ soap bars and are still working to soothe the (emotional) wounds. The road you’re currently treading is a tentative one. Every morning scroll through social media feels like a game of high-end serum dodge-ball while every evening run feels like a ‘wishful thinking’ practice tournament. Whilst the peer pressure was seeping its way into your pores, cluttering your shelves and convincing you that a gold-infused moisturiser and yearly diet plan - both worth your first born - are the only remedies on the market, a health-conscious lifestyle brand by the name of Heka was developing a holistic line of premium treatment and wellness products.

Three years in the making, Heka was developed by a team of doctors, physicians and industry experts, “Everybody wants to be younger longer, but they don’t know how,” expert physician and co-founder Maged Nadim tells @SceneStyled. “They’re treating the symptoms without really understanding the cause. We wanted to build a brand that seamlessly fits into people’s lives; one that provides them with a fully integrated lifestyle, from products to help better their skin to remedies they can ingest.”

Heka’s use of the word conscious connotes much more than just eco-friendly. Their pharmaceutical grade skincare line includes: an oil-free SPF 30 daily hyaluronic acid-based moisturising cream, a gentle exfoliating serum infused with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid and niacinamide, two retinol serums, as well as a ceramide-based night cream, all of which tackle texture, even out the complexion, all the while repairing your skin barrier.

Their personal care line boasts a roster of nutrient dense soaps that soothe the skin, maintain its moisture levels as well as harbour a calming scent trail. The range offers a multitude of options, with charcoal bars targeted towards exfoliating the skin as well as eucalyptus and mint oil options carrying antibacterial properties. Heka’s ‘Wash’ and ‘Nourish’ shampoo and conditioner bars are a travel and eco-friendly alternative to the plastic bottles currently weighing down both your shower fixtures and lucious coils. Alongside their body care and cosmeceuticals, the brand’s herbal tonic and aromatherapy lines offer remedies for both indigestion and stress, permitting you to unwind at night and boost your energy levels in the morning.


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