Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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LA7 Launches Egypt’s First Wellness Boutique Hotel in Ras El-Hikma

The 5-star boutique hotel, Geo, will have everything from en-suite fitness rooms to curated nutrition plans.

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LA7 Launches Egypt’s First Wellness Boutique Hotel in Ras El-Hikma

For most of us, the summer months are an excuse to just dangle our feet in the water and brazenly call it ‘swimming’. We leave our gym shorts, running shoes and yoga pants at home and swap them out for patterned wraps, Ring-Road-sized sunhats and bedazzled slippers. For a select (and admirable) few of us, however, fitness is not a chore you can’t wait to escape but a chosen lifestyle. One that is not very easy to maintain on the North Coast.

So,If you’re a self-proclaimed fitness-focused Sahel frequenter, who often skips out on the summer season in favour of Cairo-based athletic escapades, then LA7’s first regional wellness boutique hotel in Ras El-Hikma might just be the coastal haven for you.

Located at Geo, The MED by People & Places, the five-star boutique hotel and active living community, which includes summer residences as part of Phase One, will offer a world of health and wellness services and activities, from personal trainers, curated nutrition plans and custom recovery programmes to on-demand IV drips.

If your athleticism is somewhat more aquatic, you can take a lap from one end of the Aquascene Pool, the longest of its kind on the North Coast, or around the hotel’s own 900-metre track.

Once you finally decide to wind down and you’ve picked up the kids from the designated Splash Area, you can head on over to your lodgings, which are fully equipped with fitness rooms, built-in fitness walls and general gym equipment – from a foldable bench and pull-up bar to kettlebells and dumbbells.

If you exceed your quota of physical effort, you might decide to take a stroll through the retail area, pamper yourself at the LA7 Spa, or lounge the afternoon away at the beachside Clubhouse.

What LA7’s Geo offers the agile among us (besides an enviable location on one of the most pristine coastlines in the region) is the incomparable chance to get their sweat on with a view and without having to alienate their couch-loving friends and family, who will gladly wait for them by the lengthy, lengthy pool.


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