Monday June 24th, 2024
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SIRO One Za'abeel Is Dubai’s First Fitness-Centered Hotel

A new-on-the-scene wellness hub, SIRO is where you can find the country’s largest and longest suspended infinity pool.

Hassan Tarek

SIRO One Za'abeel Is Dubai’s First Fitness-Centered Hotel

At the crossroads of Dubai's dynamic landscape, SIRO One Za’abeel emerges as a uniquely immersive lifestyle destination. Merging five-star hospitality with cutting-edge facilities, the hotel brings together the pillars of biohacking – fitness, nutrition, recovery, sleep, and mindfulness.

Prioritizing self-care and active living, SIRO unlocks and sustains mental and physical potential. From its Recovery Lab and Fitness Lab to personalized treatments and holistic training solutions, the hotel aspires to become a beacon of transformative well-being. Located in central Dubai, a stone's throw away from the Dubai World Trade Centre, a brief drive to the renowned Dubai Mall, and in close proximity to the iconic Burj Khalifa, SIRO offers a triad of accessibility, wellness, and opulence.

Spanning seven floors in the newly inaugurated One Za'abeel dual towers (levels 30 to 37), SIRO welcomes guests to a realm of fitness-oriented rejuvenation, accessible through the tower's main lobby.

At SIRO, each room is designed to elevate the overall experience. Guests stay in sleep sanctuaries with curated assistance features, offering alarm-free wake-ups, soothing meditation playlists, and calming music to ensure a restorative night.

Rooms also come with a fully integrated and advanced temperature control system, allowing guests to tailor their surroundings to their preferences. Even the cooling mattresses are designed for temperature regulation.

In each room, there is a curated selection of wellness amenities designed to promote relaxation. From skincare products to yoga mats and resistance bands, the emphasis at SIRO is on a personalized self-care experience.

As for the culinary services, SIRO One Za’abeel offers guests in-house nutritional support, including expert guidance and customized meal plans for optimal health. The modular meals concept allows guests to tailor each dish to their preferences and unique dietary needs, enhancing performance with nutrient-packed options aligned with personalized goals.

The Refuel Bar beckons for pre- or post-workout recharging, presenting a curated selection of nourishing snacks, shakes, and refreshments crafted by nutrition specialists. For a delightful fusion of a gourmet experience and healthy choices, Aelia serves up French-inspired culinary delights.

This elevated dining destination, conveniently located at One Za’abeel, features a refined menu spotlighting fresh, high-quality ingredients. Additionally, there is The Link, a culinary hub perched 100 meters high, offering 12 restaurants with international menus beneath the world's longest cantilever – a two-floor spectacle that complements the holistic experience at SIRO.

Fitness suites feature cardio equipment in the living area, while recovery options include stretching accessories. All suites provide private treatment areas for in-room therapies, creating a tranquil haven to unwind while enjoying serene views of the Dubai skyline.

SIRO also features four types of studios—Yoga, Cycle, Pilates, and the Experience Box—where guests can engage in a variety of exercises, including HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sessions and routines created by professional athletes within the SIRO community.

For maximum invigoration, SIRO boasts the country’s largest and longest suspended infinity pool at Tapsake Restaurant, open from six in the morning until ten at night.

In its commitment to well-being, SIRO One Za’abeel emerges not just as a hotel but as a holistic haven where guests embark on a journey to unlock their mental and physical potential.


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