Sunday June 16th, 2024
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UAE Introduces 5 New Regulations for International Travel

These regulations cover everything from tweaks to visa requirements to shopping-related innovations

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UAE Introduces 5 New Regulations for International Travel

In a bid to boost the quality of life of its residents and revamp the already booming travel and tourism industry, the UAE has decided to introduce five new rules for international travel, going into effect this year.

These novel regulations cover everything from tweaks to visa requirements and transportation law changes to eco-friendly initiatives and shopping-related innovations.

To make sure your next trip to the UAE is as trouble-free (and legally kosher) as possible, we’ve decided to compile all of the new rules into a comprehensive list that’s help you avoid any unwanted run-ins with the cops.

Revised Golden Visa Requirements

The UAE has adjusted its Golden Visa requirements, removing the previous AED  million down-payment requirement for property investors seeking 10-year residency. Instead, buyers must invest in properties valued at over AED 2 million, expanding opportunities for a wider array of investors and bolstering the UAE's appeal as an attractive investment and residential destination.

E-Scooter Ban on Public Transport

Effective March 1st, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has prohibited the use and carriage of e-scooters on metro and tram services to ensure passenger safety.

Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags

Starting January 1st, Dubai has enforced a complete ban on single-use plastic bags, with only specific food packaging being granted limited exceptions. This measure is intended to reduce plastic waste and advocate for environmental sustainability. Subsequently, on June 1st, the ban was extended to encompass all single-use plastic products, with fines being imposed for failure to comply.

Paid Parking at Dubai Mall

By the third quarter of 2024, Salik and Emaar Malls plan to roll out a barrier-free paid parking system at Dubai Mall, utilizing automated vehicle plate recognition to facilitate seamless payments directly from Salik accounts. This initiative seeks to streamline parking management and enhance the shopping experience at one of the world's largest malls.

Temporary Pause on UAE Raffles and Prize Draws

Effective January 1st, the UAE's popular raffle, Mahzooz, has temporarily suspended operations to comply with new commercial gaming rules aimed at establishing well-regulated and responsible gaming practices.


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