Wednesday April 17th, 2024
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8 Talks Not to Miss at 'Cairo Design Award' De-Forum

The likes of Farida Temraz, Hany Saad, and Onsi Abou Seif will be attending Cairo Design Award’s De-Forum talks.

Farah Ibrahim

8 Talks Not to Miss at 'Cairo Design Award' De-Forum

As part of this year’s Cairo Design Award, some of the biggest names from Egypt’s creative industries are set to take to the stage for the inaugural edition of De-Forum - a series of talks and panel discussions that aim to develop a dialogue in and around the design community.

A collaborative effort alongside Cairo Designathon, the talks will offer up new perspectives on Egyptian design identity, with highlight speakers including, the likes of set designer Ones Abou Seif, interior designers Hany Saad and Karim Mekhtigian, and musician Hisham Kharma among many others. With plenty of big names set to take to the stage, we’ve honed in on eight particular ones that you simply can’t miss.

How Office Design Can Affect Happiness & Productivity

By Mona Hussein & Ahmad El Moursy

Thursday 11th 7PM

The Journey of Success

By Farida Temraza & Amy Mowafi

Thursday 11th 8PM

Color Trends Across Industries

By Mohamed Badie & Mai Galal

Friday 12th 3PM

Co-Judges Panel Discussion

By Ebtissam Farid, Mohamed Attia, Cherif Morsi & Amina Ghali

Friday 12th 4PM

Integrating Technology in Interior Design

By Hany Saad & Mohamed Esmat

Friday 12th 7PM

In Search of Identity

By Adham Nadim

Saturday 13th 2PM

The Symphony of Design

By Shosha Kamal & Hisham Kharma

Saturday 13th 6.15PM

Narratives: Architecture, Design & Film

By Onsi Abou Seif & Ahmad Fayyad

Saturday 12th 7PM

Cairo Design Award is being held at the Nile Ritz-Carlton between Thursday 11th and Saturday 13th of November.


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