Sunday March 3rd, 2024
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Photopia Returns to Streets of Cairo for Street Photography Festival

Photopia’s ‘Street Photography Festival’ will see a handful of Egypt’s leading photographers every weekend on a series of workshops from November 19th to December 10th.

Menna Shanab

Cairo’s buzzing, meandering streets are home to a treasure trove of architectural marvels and cultural heritage sites, making them the perfect canvas for Photopia’s ‘Street Photography Festival’. Come equipped with empty memory cards and charged batteries for a series of six mini-workshops led by a handful of Egypt’s leading photographers every weekend from November 19th to December 10th.

Renowned for his captivating portraits, Mohamed Khattab will lead ‘Art from Nowhere’ at Al Hussain on November 19th, helping participants train their eye to catch dramatic shots even in the most understated settings.

Next, photographer Eslam ElSamawati, known for his foggy romanticized shots, will share all his tips and tricks in the final workshop ‘Secrets of Street Photography’ at Bab Zuweila on November 26th.

On November 27th, Mohamed Sherif - famous for shots that peer intimately into everyday life - will flex his versatile photography skills with the ‘Fashion Photography’ workshop.

On December 3rd, participants will be able to join the ‘Mobile Videography’ workshop led by Mostafa Ahmed, the eyes behind the popular Instagram page @everydayegypt. Ahmed challenges the idea that you need a professional camera to tell a story and invites participants to sharpen their sensory abilities through the use of mobile video storytelling at Bab El Nasr.

Award-winning photographer Manar Gad will then bring participants to Dahab Island in Giza to share her insights on how to get up close and personal with human subjects in the ‘Portrait Street Photography’ workshop on December 4th.

Finally, on December 10th, Karim El Hayawan will lead the ‘Street Photography and the Moving Image’ workshop at ElDarb ElAhmar, a neighbourhood buzzing with life, and is perfect for capturing subjects and objects in motion.

Attendance costs EGP 200 for each workshop. If you’re really looking to hone your visual storytelling skills, you will be able to attend all six workshops for EGP 1000.


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