Monday May 20th, 2024
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9 Classic Ramadan Prank Shows

From hidden cameras to practical jokes and reality TV stunts, here are our favourite classic Ramadan prank shows.

Riham Issa

9 Classic Ramadan Prank Shows

While Ramadan prank shows have a long history of generating both smiles and frowns in every Egyptian household, few shows have stood the test of time with their creative mischievousness. From the famous unsuspecting hidden cameras that started it all to reality TV stunts, we have curated a list of some of our favourite classic Ramadan prank shows that still inspire laughs to this day…

Zakeya Zakriya


Starring late comedian Zakeya Zakriya, there is a lot of wig-snatching in this one, and honestly, we can’t complain.

Al Camera Al Khafya 


A popular Egyptian TV staple for over a decade, where reactions vary, and hilarity - and canned laughter - ensue.

Hussien A’al Hawa  


Harmless and lighthearted, Hussein El Emam’s pranked Egyptian celebrities as a TV show host.

Helhom Benhom 


Similar to hidden camera programs, Helhom Benhom is hosted by broadcaster and actor Amr Ramzy, who proved that Ramadan is really a test of patience with his pranks.

Edeny A’lak 


‘Edeny A’lak’ dominated the Egyptian TV screen for over 14 years with its hilarious pranks targeting members of the public conducted by an ensemble of Egyptian comedians including Hussein Mamlouk, Fathy Saad and Mounir Makram.

Ma’lab Dot Com 


Presented by Egyptian actor Ashraf Abdel Baky, ‘Ma’lab Dot Com’ would help people prank their friends with a dramatic twist.

Al Hokom Ba’d Al Mozawla 


Unsuspecting celebrities would come under the assumption that they are being interviewed for an Arabic-speaking German TV network only to ‘find out’ they are being set up by an Israeli channel (before later finding out it’s all part of an Egyptian hidden camera show - layers within layers).

Nogomna F El Yaban 


In ‘Nogomna F El Yaban’, Nashwa Mustafa, disguised as a Japanese broadcaster who is not fluent in Arabic, pranks Egyptian celebrities and pushes their buttons with confusing questions.

Al Zaffa 


Scary and nerve-wracking, the hosts of this show trick women into thinking that their husbands are cheating on them.


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