Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Anti-Addiction Fund Plans Region’s Largest Treatment Centre in Imbaba

The fund is establishing five new addiction treatment centres across Egypt.

Hesham Badr

The national Anti-Addiction Fund is establishing five new addiction treatment centres across Egypt, with plans to build the Middle East’s largest addiction treatment centre in Imbaba.

The centre in Imbaba will include a specialised department to treat addiction in people with disabilities.

Amongst the centres that are scheduled for construction are two that will be built in the villages of Gharbia and Damietta, as part of Egypt’s Haya Karima initiative to improve the infrastructure of rural areas throughout the country.

These addiction centres are part of a long, on-going effort to increase access to treatment in Egypt. In 2014, there were only 12 addiction treatment centres across seven governorates. In 2023, that number increased to 28 addiction treatment centres in 17 governorates.


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