Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Dubai’s Lebanese Restaurant Allo Beirut Just Landed in Riyadh

Taste the Golden Age of Lebanon in delicious sandwiches and manakish with Allo Beirut’s Saudi debut.

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Dubai’s Lebanese Restaurant Allo Beirut Just Landed in Riyadh

After a long day of work, commuting and being on guard, sometimes all you need is to slip right into your loungewear, huddle up in bed, and make a hefty fast food order that’ll help you forget the day’s distress. But once you’ve exhausted the burger, pizza and fried chicken options in your area, what’s left for those of us who need grease and need it fast?

Bringing a more local spin on fast food to Riyadh is Dubai-based Lebanese restaurant Allo Beirut, which is now seeing its Saudi debut in Al Olaya district. The restaurant serves traditional Lebanese cuisine in all its opulent deliciousness - but it simultaneously serves it at all hours of the day, in a drive-thru, or delivered to your home. Essentially, you get what you wish for: a fantastic lunch with the girls on a random Tuesday, or a hug in a meal during 2 AM breakdowns.

The restaurant first came to life in Dubai when Lebanese chef and restaurateur Fadi Haider decided to create a concept that portrays his nostalgia for Beirut, particularly in its Golden Age. The concept proved popular with the many Lebanese residents of the emirate, and Allo Beirut grew. In December 2023, Dubai-based food and beverage operator Black Spoon Group, which is in charge of Allo Beirut, was acquired by Saudi Arabian Jadwa Investment.


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