Monday February 26th, 2024
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New Taxes Will Be Placed on Travellers Departing From Egypt

Including that anyone departing from Egypt can now only do so upon paying an EGP 100 fee.

Cairo Scene

The Parliament's Plan and Budget Committee approved a series of amendments that will impact tax regulations for individuals travelling or departing from Egypt.

The updated law now stipulates a fee of EGP 100 for most individuals departing Egypt, except for tourists visiting specific governorates, where the fee is set at EGP 50. Exceptions are also made for Egyptian and foreign drivers of passenger and goods transport vehicles regularly crossing Egypt's borders.

Additionally, a 3% tax was introduced on Duty Free purchases, with a minimum tax charge of USD 1.5, while a 10% VAT has been added for every litre of spirits brought in, with only foreign diplomats being exempt.


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