Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Saudi Arabia Announces 5 New Visa Categories

These new visas aim to pave the way for economic and social transformation.

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Saudi Arabia has introduced five new visa classifications in its efforts to appeal to investors and skilled individuals for the Kingdom. Dubbed ‘Premium Residency Products’, the five categories announced are: special talent, gifted, investor, entrepreneur, and real estate owner.

The initiative seeks to propel the kingdom’s economic transformation by generating job opportunities and encouraging the exchange of knowledge, drawing in proficient professionals and investments.

Special Talent

Designed for executives and professionals specialising in healthcare, science and research, with the goal of attracting individuals possessing distinctive skills and experiences capable of contributing to the transfer of knowledge and technology.


This category seeks to incorporate skilled professionals and talented individuals into the cultural and sports sectors of Saudi Arabia.


The Investor visa caters to investors seeking to leverage Saudi Arabia's business environment and yield impactful returns across the economy.


This visa type is tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs and proprietors of innovative ventures, keen to initiate and nurture their startups in Saudi Arabia.

Real Estate Owner

Designed for property owners seeking an exceptional quality of life in the Kingdom, benefiting from its rapidly developing real estate market.


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