Monday April 22nd, 2024
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Tutankhamun Exhibit Will Land in Georgia This September

The exhibition will showcase King Tutankhamun’s tomb along with more than 1,000 items of his belongings, including his iconic golden mask.

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Tutankhamun Exhibit Will Land in Georgia This September

‘Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures’, an exhibition featuring over 1,000 painstakingly reconstructed replicas of the titular boy king’s belongings, will be featured at the Exhibition Hub Art Center Atlanta in Georgia, USA on September 28th.

The exhibition showcases the discovery of Tutkankhamun’s tomb by British archaeologist Howard Carter, which took place just over a century ago. The exhibit - which also includes a recreation of the iconic funerary mask - has toured much of the world, particularly Europe and Asia, drawing over 7 million visitors overall.

‘Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures’ Exhibition will run until the end of the year, with tickets available for purchase starting August 3rd.


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