Sunday July 21st, 2024
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How You Brewin’? Coffee and Cakes With a View at Maadi’s Friends

The one with all the lattes.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

How You Brewin’? Coffee and Cakes With a View at Maadi’s Friends

‘What is this melody?’ you wonder as you wander through the streets of Maadi, imperceptibly drawn towards this siren-like call, so alluring and yet so mystifying. You feel something tug away at your heartstrings, something akin to recognition making its way through your ears and into your brain.

‘Could it be?’ you ask yourself as the haze lifts. The music is evident, the lyrics echo loud and clear and the chorus, the melodic string of nostalgia, makes itself known - it’s the Friends theme song.

Centrally located in Maadi and riddled with many perks (the Friends references are only getting started so buckle up, baby) this coffee shop is serving up coffee with twists that’ll have you pivoting (ha) away from your usual go-tos.Coffees topped with cake and drenched in sauce with a side of itty bitty pancake bites far surpass even Monica’s homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Bound to trigger a sugar rush and take you to a place of absolute bliss - one might even say unagi - this cozy and cute coffee shop with a lovely serene view of Maadi’s tree-lined roads will transport you to the world riddled in 90s sage green blazers and purple couches.

And fret not, no smelly cats here.


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