Thursday May 30th, 2024
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SceneEats Guide to the Best Roz Maamar in Cairo

The days of rock-hard rice and scarce meat portions are far behind us.

Layla Raik

SceneEats Guide to the Best Roz Maamar in Cairo

The traditional meat-embedded roz maamar, or roz bram, is one of those Egyptian dishes everyone loves, from picky kids to die-hard carnivores and cream enthusiasts. And for good reason; who could possibly turn away a smoking hot bram of creamy rice that always comes bearing the happy surprise of pieces of meat or chicken? It’s impossible to resist.

We used to say that if we’re not having our roz bram at our grandmother’s, it’s because we’re having it at our aunt’s - but at some point, one does overstay their welcome. This is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to roz maamar in Cairo, for those of us who have yet to find their footing in the expanse that is Cairo’s mashweyat scene - dive in spoon-first.

7agogah | Sheraton, Cairo

The oriental expanse that makes up 7agogah has become associated in our heads with delicious mashweyat and, by extension, even more delicious roz maamar.

Carlo’s | Branches all over Cairo

One thing we love about Carlo’s is the fact that it requires no dad-at-mashweyat-shop skills for ordering; you can just be yourself. Another thing we love about Carlo’s is that not only do they serve regular, meat-infused roz maamar, they also serve the rice with chicken and - wait for it - pigeon.

Marzipan | Park St., Sheikh Zayed & White by the Waterway, New Cairo

At Marzipan, traditional Egyptian food is honoured - which of course means that the roz maamar bram sits royally at the top of the pyramid.

Lo2ma Baladi | Branches all over Egypt

It may be the Tagamoa kid of mashweyat spots, but Lo2ma Baladi doesn’t joke around about its roz maamar.

El Mohamady | Branches all over Cairo

As simple as going to the grocery store, but much more fulfilling and all the more sumptuous, El Mohamady provides us with traditional roz maamar in all its creamy glory in every area in Cairo.

Sobhy Kaber | Shoubra, Cairo

The national land of mashweyat only sensibly serves exemplary molokhia. It’s simply a law of nature, you can’t go wrong with Sobhy Kaber.

Abou El Sid | Zamalek, Cairo

Protein, carbs and more than a dollop of healthy fats - sounds like the perfect nutrient list to precede your winding Zamalek walks. Head to Abou El Sid for your roz maamar fix.

Kasr El Kababgy | Branches all over Cairo

Roz Maamar with a show, anyone? Although their molokhia steals the show every time, Kasr El Kababgy’s baked rice is just as delicious.

Balbaa | Branches all over Alexandria & Sheikh Zayed, Cairo

For roz maamar that tastes vaguely like the Fridays of our childhoods, Balbaa is the place to be. It’s now also in Sheikh Zayed, Cairo, so Cairenes no longer need to head north for a good bram.


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