Monday June 24th, 2024
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Dubai’s One Za’abeel: The World’s Longest Cantilever

Aside from being suspended between two skyscrapers, The Link also boasts the longest infinity pool in the UAE.

Karim Abdullatif

Dubai’s One Za’abeel: The World’s Longest Cantilever

In the ever-evolving skyline of Dubai, the recently completed One Za’abeel stands as a testament to architectural innovation, carrying the world’s longest cantilever. Crafted by Japanese design firm Nikken Sekkei, the vertical resort features two towers and a third suspended in between.Its groundbreaking feature, The Link, is a horizontal bridge suspended between the Tower and The Residences skyscrapers. What sets The Link apart is its record-breaking 66-metre cantilever, projecting boldly 100 metres above the sky. Designed with a clean-cut glass facade, this architectural masterpiece challenges the norm of elaborate skyscrapers in Dubai and embodies a minimalist Japanese design approach.One Za’abeel greets travellers arriving from Dubai International Airport. The development spans 530,000 square metres, featuring 12,000 square metres of retail space, 26,000 square metres of offices, and luxurious residential spaces. The Towers are connected by the Al Mustaqbal Bridge, providing a direct route to the downtown area.

Suspended 100 metres in the air, The Link provides exclusive services to residents and visitors, boasting a 230-metre viewing platform with breathtaking panoramic views - as well as the longest infinity pool in the UAE.

The design of One Za’abeel emphasises sustainability by incorporating Low-E glass for solar protection. Through energy-saving technologies, including automated electrical systems and an energy-efficient glass facade, the project achieved the LEED Gold certification.

Construction involved lifting the first section of The Link, weighing around 8,500 tonnes, over a 12-day period - one of the region’s heaviest recorded lifts. The remaining 900-tonne cantilever tip was attached over a four-day period. This ensured structural stability while minimising wind-induced swaying, a common challenge in tall buildings.

One Za’abeel not only redefined Dubai’s skyline upon its completion, it also created a new blend between luxury, sustainability and architectural innovation. As travellers venture into the city centre, the building will serve as both the first and last sight.

Photography Credit: Hufton + Crow


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