Sunday February 25th, 2024
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New Exhibit Celebrates Queen Nefertiti at Egyptian Museum in Tahrir

Curated by Italian artist Giorgia Fiorio, the exhibition will run until April 30th at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

Farah Desouky

In celebration of the legacy of queen Nefertiti, the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir hosts ‘Present in Your Presence’, an exhibition curated and conceptualised by Italian artist Giogia Fiorio.

The exhibition showcases three rare and striking artefacts, namely the quartzite head of Nefertiti, an unfinished head, and a reserve head. As the wife of king Akhenaten, who overturned generations of artistic and religious tradition during his reign, these statues are considered to be unique within the context of ancient Egyptian artistry.

Fiorio is an independent artist and photographer with a focus on the human figure. With ‘Present in Your Presence’, she draws inspiration from Nefertiti’s iconic features that have become synonymous with ancient Egyptian beauty.

The ‘Present in Your Presence’  exhibition will run at the Egyptian Museum until April 30th.


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