Monday April 15th, 2024
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Ferkesh: Malek Alaa

In this episode of Ferkesh, director Malek Alaa unpacks the making of ‘Carriby’, the music video for Sudanese rapper Soulja, released in November 2022.

Scene Noise

Ferkesh: Malek Alaa

Ferkesh, is a new series by SceneNoise that focuses on the exceptional work of directors within the MENA music industry. As music videos have become such a crucial part of an artists’ success, we want to spotlight the people who have been part of creating iconic content seen by millions of fans.

In this episode, filmmaker Malek Alaa walks us through the making of ‘Carriby’, and working with Sudanese rapper, Soulja for the first time. He talks about how hearing the beat Prodby77 made for the track is what hooked him into the project, which led him to do something equally as “eye catching.”

Watch the video here:


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