Saturday April 20th, 2024
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Hot Oasis & Autostrad's Yazan Rousan Team Up for 'Alek Shway'

From being fans of each other’s music, to finally converging their musical spirits in an encounter in Dahab, Hot Oasis and Yazan Rousan drop their latest collaboration ‘Alek Shway’.

Nour Massoud

Hot Oasis & Autostrad's Yazan Rousan Team Up for 'Alek Shway'

Egyptian DJ and producer Mostafa Mahmoud, aka Hot Oasis, has teamed up with Jordanian Indie artist and Autostrad’s frontman, Yazan Rousan, to drop a new electronic single titled ‘Alek Shway’.

A fusion of Hot Oasis' melodious tunes, deeply rooted in South Sinai culture, combined with Yazan's indie vocals and basslines, has produced a hauntingly tribal single, adorned with trance vocals and downtempo electronica. Released by WTR channel through MDLBEAST Records, 'Alek Shway' transports listeners to the serene mountains of Dahab, where Yazan's vocals evoke a tender and introspective aura.

This collaboration stems from a unique meeting between two musical talents from contrasting backgrounds - one finding solace away from the bustling Egyptian cityscape, while the other infuses upbeat cadences into Jordan's peaceful urban climate.

Yazan and Mostafa became fans of each other's music, leading to a desire to meet and converge their musical identities. Having followed each other’s respective activities for some time, their paths finally converged when Yazan visited Mostafa in Dahab, resulting in an instant connection and the birth of their collaboration. They seized the opportunity to record together during Mostafa's visit to Amman a few months later, with the track later picked up by MDLBEAST Records.

Together, these two artists, whose expertise lie in contrasting sub-genres, have crafted a track that resonates with listeners seeking the soothing rhythms of oriental beats as well as an indie-rock infusion.


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