Monday June 24th, 2024
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Rap of The Week | Jan 26 - Feb 02

On this edition of our Rap of the Week playlist, we see some of the biggest names in the hip-hop scene, with bangers by Abyusif, Abo El Anwar and Iraqi rapper Nayomi.

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Rap of The Week | Jan 26 - Feb 02

This week witnessed a surge in releases from various rappers across the MENA region. Abyusif unveiled his latest full-length album, 'Nemshy Men Hena,' while Abo El Anwar followed suit with a blockbuster LP, featuring prominent figures in the scene. Additionally, singles by Kira7 and Emel & Nayomi contributed to the diverse array of releases. The playlist also features Koast’s earworm track ‘Wishlist’ ft. 4lfa as well as young rap crew Ka2en’s Mabeyn, Ge11o and Kamikazem on the smooth cloud rap, hazy beat cypher ‘Hadaf’ produced by Lil Abad Ft. Trzy. 


Abyusif - Microwave

Abo El Anwar X Lil Baba | Artistic

Arsenik - Adios ft. Santa

Kira7 x Norfafrica - Fake.

Emel ft Nayomi - Lose My Mind

Koast - Wish List (feat. 4LFA)

Kamikazem, Ma-Beyn & Ge11o - Hadaf


Soulja - Deja Vu MahdyMadness - Matador EMBED PLAYLIST:


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