Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Cairo-Based Doush Resort Unveils ‘Tigress in Sea Dreams’ Collection

Where can you find tigresses, underwater treasures and surfer girls in one place? Hint: it’s Doush Resort’s newest collection.

Mai El Mokadem

Cairo-Based Doush Resort Unveils ‘Tigress in Sea Dreams’ Collection

As the first tendrils of summer sunlight stretched across the turquoise water, painting the horizon with a promise of warm days, designer Dana El Deeb felt a familiar tug in her heart. It was the annual call of the sea, a siren song that beckoned her to manifest that warm energy into her swimwear and RTW label, Doush Resort. And so, their new collection, ‘Tigress in Sea Dreams’, was born. “This collection is an ode to the summer girl who embraces adventure and lives her life by the sea,” El Deeb tells SceneStyled. “This season, it’s all about forging a connection between the sun-kissed shores and the unseen wonders beneath the waves.”

The founder and creative director of Doush Resort, a woman whose spirit matched the sun's vibrancy, is a self-proclaimed summer girl. “I count my years in summers. Even as a young girl, my heart belonged to the summer months. Summer just makes me feel good and that's what I try to embody through my designs, channelling this ‘summer girl energy’ to all the Doush girls.” If you could hear Doush Resort across sound waves, it would chime in a carefree laugh, punctuated by the rhythmic crash of waves against the shore. The ocean is El Deeb’s muse - always. “Doush Resort's summer collections are a celebration of the sea, each one a different exploration of its endless inspiration.”

This year, visions of the sea and the wild swirled in her mind. She saw roaring tigresses, prowling amidst blooming florals. She saw delicate flowers and buried treasures blooming in the most unexpected places, like vibrant gems and coral reefs adorning the ocean floor. And she saw salty-haired surfer girls, gliding on top of a hidden underwear jungle, their carefree spirit embodied in the flow of the waves. “I’ve always imagined that oceans have an underworld jungle teeming with flowers, gems and untold treasures,” El Deeb says. “This collection captures that enchanting world, a tigress, a flower and a surfer girl all in one underwater jungle together.”

All these dreams and visions manifest in pieces such as the floral ‘Luna Dress’, the surfer-girl-inspired ‘Doush Surf Bikini’, the tigress-print ‘Rajah Dress’ and the gem-like ‘Simone Swim One Piece’. A standout in this collection is the Maia Bikini, handmade in crochet and inspired by the floral ocean floor and the depths of the jungle. “It’s fresh, it's cute, it’s playful, but this piece demanded a level of craftsmanship unlike anything we'd attempted before,” El Deeb reveals. “Our enthusiasm was instrumental in bringing this vision to life.”

“Each collection I create holds a special place in my heart, but ‘Tigress in Sea Dreams’ feels particularly magical right now,” El Deeb shares. “It's a combination of playful trends and Doush’s individual repertoire, from the leopard print and floral motifs, to the little ‘bling-bling’ on the swimsuits.” When the founder sees a trend that resonates with her, she takes bits and pieces of it to turn it into something that’s very much her own. “I use trends for my benefit- not against me.”


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