Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Monochrome Monday: The Tiger’s Eye Edition

Roar…No, wait…growl.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

We know what you’re thinking, dearest readers: shouldn’t monochrome be…monochromatic? Well, just like the muse of this week’s edition of Monochrome Monday, the world we live in is a jungle; and this week, we’re throwing the rulebook out of the proverbial window. Call it duochrome, call it the tiger print edit, or call it a Monday-afternoon sartorial scroll-fest, for this week’s ‘Monochrome’ Monday, we’re celebrating the king of the jungle’s foster cousin.

Long before Survivor’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ rose up back on the street or went the distance on its feet - Alexa, you know what to do - Tiger’s eye long mesmerised us humans with its iris-resembling lustrous shades of amber, brown, orange, and black.

So without further ado, you may begin scrolling…


The Brown ‘Amine’ Paisley Jacket

Intricately patterned and gorgeously shaded, Beirut’s Nightcomer studio hit the ‘Tiger’ right in the eye - yes, expect a lot of puns this week - with the Amine Paisley Jacket. 

Marrakshi Life

The Stripe 14 Jacket

Minimal, structured, and pleasing to the eye, Marrakshi Life’s ‘Stripe 14’ jacket is the statement piece for those amongst us whose wardrobes tend to be on the more minimal end.


The Yasmine Shades

Part of the exclusive Okhtein capsule collection collaboration with Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry, the ‘Yasmine Shades’ are the perfect accessory for a fully tiger-esque look.


The Mini Afaf Bag

Fashioned after the gorgeous Tiger’s Eye stone itself, Okhtein’s ‘Mini Afaf Bag’ is giving George & the Jungle Chic, in all the best ways naturally.


The Tirette Collection

Simple yet stunning, Egyptian jewellery label Siran’s ‘Tirette’ collection is as calming as an autumn afternoon.

Salim Azzam

The ‘Tiger Girl’ Look

Yes, we’ll admit, we’re a bit on-the-nose with this one, but for obvious reasons, you can see why we simply could not not include Salim Azzam’s ‘Circus’ collection.

A-3 Studio

The Balgha

As shiny as the stone itself, A-3 Studio’s classic ‘Balgha’ bridges modern day hues with generations-old craftsmanship.

Pamela Smith

The FW23 Collection

Yes, we’re getting properly Monochromatic now. A perfect base for the modern cosmopolitan tigris, Beirut’s Pamela Smith’s jumpsuit is an everyday staple.

Mariam Al Sibai

The Blanket Coat

Uhm, tigers do get cold too, you know? But the remedy perhaps takes the form of Mariam Al Sibai’s ‘Blanket’ Coat.


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