Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Spain's PDPAOLA Celebrates Saudi National Day With Exclusive Edit

The new collection brings a Saudi Arabian luxury to Barcelona’s sandy shores.

Lydia Doye

Spain's PDPAOLA Celebrates Saudi National Day With Exclusive Edit

PDPAOLA just released an exclusive jewellery edit, uniting Saudi Arabia’s elegance with Spain’s sophistication in a spectacular celebration of the Kingdom’s national day.

The edit redefines luxury, with each of its grand designs serving as a love letter to Saudi Arabia's rich history and cultural heritage. It proudly showcases green pieces from the brand's distinctive Vanilla collection, perfectly harmonising with the vibrant colours of the Kingdom's national flag.

The opulent label is nothing short of a family affair, dreamt up by brother and sister Paola and Humbert Sasplugas. Inspired by Paola’s childhood passion for jewellery, the siblings set out to transform the market, bridging the gap between jewellery and fashion, and forging deep connections with a younger, more fashion conscious audience.

With sustainability as a priority, PDPAOLA is committed to designing timeless pieces that will never stop shining. 95% of the new collection’s pieces feature elaborate designs made from recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds, reflecting the brand’s mindful design process. This conscientiousness is also an ode to the ethos embodied by the Kingdom’s national day, and is a wonderful reminder that traditional luxury does not have to be a stranger to environmental awareness.


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