Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Styled Archives: The Don Juan of Egyptian Cinema

Let's just say your mom had all his movies on VHS, and not just for the plot.

Mai El Mokadem

Styled Archives: The Don Juan of Egyptian Cinema

Roushdy Abaza, a man who exchanged the dry tomes of law school for the allure of the silver screen, emerged as a quintessential emblem of Egyptian cinema's golden age. Suave, charming, macho, and imbued with an undeniable sense of humour, he epitomises the 1960s heartthrob. Abaza's versatility allowed him to effortlessly transition between comedic roles that showcased his wit and dramatic performances that demanded a steely seriousness.

A signature moustache was an inseparable facet of his style, complementing the sophisticated attire he favoured—impeccably tailored suits, crisp shirts, and sharp trousers. In this episode of Styled Archives, we delve into Roushdy Abaza's most dashing looks from his reign as a cinematic dreamboat. Through portraits, movie stills, and candid photographs, we witness the enduring charisma that made him a perennial favourite and a leading man.

With Omar El Sherif & Ahmed Ramzy Circa 1960s

This image alone of the golden trio was enough to send the girls into cardiac arrest in the 60s, and even today, its power to quicken the pulse remains. Who knew you can enjoy a boy’s night out with so much class?

‘Sha’awet Regala’ With Souad Hosny 1966

This evocative still captures a moment from one of Abaza's most unforgettable performances. Clad in a crisp, ribbed white polo shirt, a leather watch adorning his wrist, he gazes down at Souad Hosny. 

At a Charity Event to Rebuild Al-Qasr Al-Ainy 1979

Even the passage of time cannot diminish the aura of sophistication that surrounds Roushdy Abaza. In this photograph, he embodies timeless elegance, impeccably attired in a pinstriped suit with a cigar for that je-ne-sais-pas of nonchalant panache.

Packing the Car for a Trip with Samia Gamal and Qismat Abaza Circa 1950s

Abaza, adorned in a perfectly coordinated ensemble, epitomises style with a russet fedora that echoes the rich tones of his linen trousers. A light maroon polo, crafted from fine knit, completes the picture of a man ready to embark on a trip in unparalleled sophistication.

Portrait pictured by Van Leo Circa 1940s

Abaza, in a moment of uninhibited flair, is adorned with a pair of hoop earrings and a durag. His gaze, striking and unwavering, pierces the camera lens, drawing the viewer into his presence.

‘Al Ragol Al Thani’ With Samia Gamal & Salah Zulfikar 1959

This evocative still from one of Abaza's most infamous performances shows him dressed in an impeccably tailored grey suit, embodying the essence and confidence of a cinema star.

‘Tareeq Al-Amal’ With Faten Hamama 1957

In another one of his gorgeous suits, complete with a pocket square for a touch of elegance, Abaza exudes the air of a true gentleman. A tarboosh, perched atop his head, jazzes his outfit while a smoking pipe rests nonchalantly in his hand.

‘Baba Ayez Keda’ With Soad Hosny 1968

Abaza cuts a figure of refined elegance in this tasteful patterned suit, forming the foundation of his ensemble. A scarf, its colour and style thoughtfully chosen to complement the suit, is knotted around his neck.

‘Al Millionaire Al Sagheer’ 1948

With a gaze of steely resolve, the star is clad in the uniform of a pilot officer (need we say more?)

At Home with Samia Gamal Circa 1960s

This candid moment between Abaza and his wife is an intimate one, and even in this relaxed setting, his innate sense of style shines through. Dressed in a crisp black button-down shirt and cream-coloured trousers, he styles his outfit with a necklace.


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